How To Stay FIT In The Summer

How To Stay Fit In The Summer

It is tough to make it to the gym multiple times a week with our busy schedules. Now throw in beautiful weather, kids on summer vacation, and cabin fever from the winter! It does not make it any easier. Here are some tips to stay fit during the summer months to maintain your progress and also enjoy the great weather. Here are some tips to Stay fit this summer!

Hit the Water

Get a workout in the pool or on the water? Sounds like the perfect way to enjoy the summer and still get a workout. Swimming or water aerobics can be a great switch up to your normal routine and will shock the body, providing a great cardio option. Water workouts are also great on your joints and body. Cool off and get a great workout all in one!

Involve Your Kids

Now that the kids are out of school, you will need to adjust to accommodate the little ones for a few months. Involving your children in your workouts is a great way to burn some of their energy and help you stay fit.
Go for a bike ride
Play their favorite Sports
Trips to the park

Workout Earlier in the Day

Let’s face it, the longer the day goes on and the longer the sun is out, the motivation to workout gets lower and lower. Get your workout done earlier and avoid skipping later in the day.

Use your Surroundings

The summer time is great because anywhere can become your gym for the day.
Find some stairs at a local stadium or downtown building. Stairs are an awesome way to burn calories and build muscle.
Local parks or beaches are great places to get a workout. The sand and water offer a new terrain that pushes the body and burns calories
Be Prepared
Have workout clothes with you, so you can get in a quick workout during vacations and family getaways.
Drink lots of water
Watch your diet!

Enjoy your summers and times with your families! For more information, please email


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