Introducing The BeneFIT Box Flavor Of The Month Program

Flavor Of The Month

The best part about supplements in 2018 is the advancement in ingredients and flavors. The early days of protein shakes had limited choices and options. The products were basic flavors and let’s face it, in those days, the taste was not the leading concern.  

Fast forward to today and the game has completely changed. The ingredients are more transparent and advanced than ever before.

The flavors have come such a long way. The protein shake process is no longer the dreadful job-like task it used to be. It actually tastes good and is something to look forward to throughout the day.

The basic flavors of vanilla or chocolate are not your only options. There are many new flavors such as birthday cake, red velvet, and even a shamrock shake protein now. The variety of different flavors leave you with so many options that you could try something new every month!

Our flavor of the month program allows you to try a different flavor in every box. We will feature that special flavor for the entire month with different blogs, recipes, options, and ways to enjoy it. For example, we will feature a Shamrock Shake in March in honor of St. Patrick’s Day with different recipes and options.

Take a look at our monthly schedule for the year to see which flavors your will receive. 

Flavors of The Month

Here is the list of the flavor for each month.  Some flavors we will carry all year-round; however, other flavors will only be available during a special month.

  • January- Red Velvet
  • February- Strawberries and Cream
  • March- Shamrock Shake (Available March Only)
  • April- Chocolate
  • May-Frozen Banana (Available May Only)
  • June- Rainbow Sherbet
  • July- Birthday Cake
  • August-Café Mocha (Available August Only)
  • September- Vanilla
  •  October-Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • November- Lightly Salted Caramel
  • December- Mint Chocolate Chip

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