Sign Up for The BeneFIT Box Affiliate Program

Welcome to The BeneFIT Box affiliate program page. We invite personal trainers, gym owners, fitness coaches and consultants, nutritional experts, and health industry influencers to earn commissions on sales you refer to us.

Here’s How It Works


Once you join The BeneFIT Box affiliate program, you’ll receive a link coded just for you, to track the sales you refer to us.


You can use that link to share with your clients and connect the sales you refer to us with your affiliate account.


Once a month we’ll issue you a check for all commissions you’ve earned for the previous month. It’s that simple.

There are two ways to earn affiliate commissions with The BeneFIT Box:

1 – Share your affiliate link. You can share your link on social media, your websites, through text messages, and anywhere else you connect with others looking for hassle-free weight loss, weight maintenance, and muscle building. When someone purchases a BeneFIT Box after clicking on your link, you receive a commission on that sale.

2 – Purchase on behalf of your client or friend. You can use your affiliate link to order a BeneFIT Box for your client. This means you can walk the person through the process during one of your sessions. This takes the hassle out of the process and helps them to easily sign up for a BeneFIT Box.

Here’s How to Get Started

Simply fill out our form and receive a unique affiliate link. Use that link to begin referring The BeneFIT Box to clients and friends to earn commissions.


Features of The BeneFIT Box Affiliate Program

As an influencer in the health and fitness industry, you have the chance to help others truly transform their lives and make money while doing it.

  • Monthly payouts. We have a tiered program based on sales volume.
  • Customized support. We’re with you every step of the way.
  • Free. There’s no payment required to join The BeneFIT Box Affiliate Program.
  • Easy to Use. Manage your account and gain access your sales reports at any time.

 Here’s How Much You Can Earn

 We pay commissions based on the type of box ordered as well as the volume. We offer three types of boxes Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Here are the payouts based the amount of boxes purchased:

Per Box Commission Payout:

Gold – $3
Platinum – $4
Diamond – $5

Per-Box Commission Payout:

Gold – $5
Platinum – $6
Diamond – $7

Per-Box Commission Payout:

Gold – $7
Platinum – $8
Diamond – $9

Monthly Recurring Revenue: You receive monthly commissions for each person you refer to us for as long as they’re a customer with The BeneFIT Box.

We offer a variety of BeneFIT Boxes at varying frequencies such as 45-day Boxes and two-month Boxes.

Affiliates receive payments based on the frequency of the referred customer’s BeneFIT Box.