How much do I pay for a BeneFIT Box?

There are three different level BeneFIT Boxes.

Gold Box- $59.99 comes with 2 full size products. For example, a tub of protein and a fat burner for $59.99 plus tax.

Platinum Box- $89.99 comes with 3 full size products. For example, a tub of protein, a fat burner and a BCAA.

Diamond Box- $114.99 comes with 4 full size products. For example, a tub of protein, a fat burner, a BCAA, and a pre-workout!

How often do I receive a box?

We have 3 delivery options and they are based on how often you workout.

Every month Box- 6-7 days a week working out.

Every 6 weeks Box- 4-5 days a week working out.

Every 2 months Box- 3 days a week or less working out

Do I get the same thing in every box?
Unless you make updates to your profile, you will receive the same products in line with your goal in every box. However, we will rotate the brands and flavors for you, so every box is still different.
Do i get to pick the brands that come in my Box?
We select which brands will go in your box. We partner with the best brands from around the world and are consistently research brands to bring on board. If you like a particular brand that we carry, you can make requests for future boxes. We will rotate brands and flavors for you, so you always experience something new.
What happens if I don't like the box?

We understand not everyone will love our Boxes, we hope you do, but you can cancel at anytime for no charge by simply logging into your profile and modifying the account.

What if I fall behind and just want to pause the box for a few weeks to catch up? We know that things come up from time to time and you may fall behind on your workouts, you can pause the box delivery at anytime or restart at anytime by simply logging into your profile.

What if I don't know anything about supplements or working out?
If you are a beginner, use our build a box tool. We will walk you through building your perfect box! Your first box will also include a guide book that will tell you how, when, and why to take your supplements. The guide book also comes with tips for success, workouts, and recipes to help with your journey.
What if I know what type of supplements I like and want to take?
If you have experience, create your own box. Select the type of items you like and the customize with our unique drop down system. It’s simple and easy!
What if I have allergies, dietary preferences, or am vegan?
We take into consideration allergies and dietary preferences like gluten, lactose, or sensitivities to caffeine. We keep this information on file and reference back to your profile when building your boxes. If you have specific questions about ingredients or product, email us at contactus@thebenefitbox.com
How do I make changes to my box or profile?
You will have a username and can log in to make changes at anytime. You can change delivery frequencies, what type of product you will receive, goals, flavors, and billing info. If you ever have any questions of concerns, you can email us at contactus@thebenefitbox.com.
How do I update my credit card information?

Login to your account and you are in the “Dashboard

Select “Subscriptions

This is where the association of a card to subscription is shown

Click on “View” from the order. 

If the order is ACTIVE, select “Change Payment 

This is where a new payment method can be added.

If the order is ON HOLD, select “Pay” 

This takes you to the Checkout Screen where you have the option to “Change Payment Method