Team Supplements Simplified

Give Your Team the Competitive Edge with a Customized Supplement Program 


Try an example school “box builder” portal out for yourself. Your school’s custom program will always include a unique portal that is based on the requirements we establish with you. Each school will always receive a unique URL, and a portal that is branded with your school logo, colors, and images. Give it a try!


The BeneFIT Box is a full-size supplements and vitamins monthly subscription service. We’ve developed a convenient, customized program built specifically for school athletic teams.

These customized programs are meant to help coaches, parents, and student-athletes ensure consistent and safe nutrition while training. Our team works with your organization to custom build a program that meets school requirements. By partnering with an outside firm for recurring supplements, you can ensure consistency and safe products are being used, which ultimately help decrease long-term injury risk. Here are some of the things you can expect from one of our team supplement programs:

  • Exclusive Online Portal Packed with Your Pre-approved Selections
  • Quality Supplements
  • Safe for Young, High-Performance Athletes
  • An Array of Options to Fit Your Requirements

FOR COACHESHelp Establish a Long-Term Healthy Nutrition in Student Athletes

As a coach, you are tasked with numerous items, with many being outside of your control at times. Building a successful athletics program is difficult enough, but developing student-athletes is a much larger lifelong impacting task. Physically preparing your team in the gym and in the kitchen is extremely important, but you can’t control their nutritional habits.

The BeneFIT Box works with coaches to develop authorized and pre-approved nutrition and supplement boxes that are sent directly to players every 30, 45, or 60 days. Payment is made by parents directly, which eliminates many red tape issues that may arise by purchasing them directly. This program is meant to be easy to use, and very effective for athletes. More importantly, it ensures nutritional consistency as a habit that can last a lifetime.

FOR PARENTSDecrease Risk of Injury For Your Student Athlete With Proper Nutrition

Watching your child participate in sports can be difficult. Injuries happen, but many times they can be avoided if the proper preparation is in place. This starts off the field with practice, the gym, and proper nutrition. Proper nutrition for a younger athlete is difficult, as it can change year by year. Many supplement stores can be overwhelming with the variety of choices, which often leads to inadequate or inappropriate supplements being used or student-athletes.

The BeneFIT Box makes it easy for parents to help their athlete have proper nutrition. We work with schools to develop pre-approved subscription supplement boxes that are convenient, affordable and designed to help encourage maximum performance (and minimum injuries).


FOR ATHLETESEnsure Peak Performance With Supplements From Top Brands

Maximum on-field performance starts off the field. A proper game plan can only be executed by a body built in the gym which is fueled with proper nutrition. In a world where there is a supplement for everything, it can be difficult to understand what is really needed and effective. This is where we come in.

The BeneFIT Box works with schools to build recurring supplement box programs that are focused on quality and performance. Boxes are built based on YOUR gym goals.


Build Your Team Supplement Program

Talk with a BeneFIT Box Team Program Specialist 

Our team will work hand and hand with your school’s athletic department to build a safe and effective subscription supplement program for student-athletes. During this process, we will understand the sports, ideal purchasing process, and any additional requirements.